• Fernando de las Infantas


    Ensemble Plus Ultra

    Conductor: Michael Noone

      Fernando de las Infantas (1534—c. 1610)—Composer and theologian     Atypical among Renaissance composers, Fernando de las Infantas was a wealthy independent nobleman whose published theological treatises were banned by the Inquisition. At the behest of Philip II, he became embroiled with the monarch’s objections to Pope Gregory XIII’s controversial authorization of a revision of the Gregorian chant—the so-called Medicean edition. Yet despite being eulogised by scholars, even to this day only a handful of Infantas’s compositions are avail...+ info

  • El Poeta Calculista

    Manuel García

    Orquesta Ciudad de Granada

    Conductor: Andrea Marcon

    MANUEL GARCÍA - TONADILLAS   Manuel del Pópolo Garcia was the most international figure in the Spanish musical scene of the nineteenth century. As a singer, teacher and composer, he was a central figure in the history of early Romantic European theatre music, and yet he always remained proud of his Andalusian Spanish origins.   One could summarize the man as composer, distinguished tenor, singing teacher and theoretician, and impresario. He was the eldest of a family of singers, which included the famous María Malibrán, Paulina Viardot and Manuel Patri...+ info

  • La Música de Al-Andalus

    La Nuba Garnatí de Tlemecen (Argelia)

    Ensemble Awtar-Tilimsem

    There is a very significant fragment of the poem written by Ismá'il b. Bard when he asked 'Abd al-Hamid b. Basil for a lute, and was given an old instrument:   You were very generous to send me a lute that belonged to the family of al-Waid. Generation after generation mended it with their hands. It is Co me like a lute of mosaic. The spiders wove over it for they thought it a vestige of a building in ruins. This lute is like effaced lines, like the remains of the ink of beautiful calligraphy.   (AI-Kattáni (1029): Kitab al-tasbihiát mi...+ info


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Almaviva aims to highlight the work
of such illustrious Andalusians as Manuel de Falla and Joaquín Turina.

Junta de Andalucía. Consejería de Cultura
Centro de Documentación Musical de Andalucía
Agencia Andaluza de Instituciones Culturales

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