• Alahor in Granata

    Opera de Gaetano Donizetti

    Juan Diego Florez

    Orquesta Ciudad de Granada

    Conductor: Josep Pons

    REDISCOVERING A MASTERPIECE   A year after the two hundredth anniversary of Gaetano Donizetti's birth (1797) and 150 years after his death (1848), the Teatro de la Maestranza de Sevilla chose to open its 1998-9 operatic season with four per­formances of Alahor in Granata, an almost for­gotten opera by the composer. This is an event al a huge historical importance since it marks the first time that the opera has been performed in the XXth century. Alahor in Granata was first performed in the Teatro Carolino in Palermo on the 7th of January 1826 but, alt­hough the opera was a...+ info

  • Facultad Orgánica

    Francisco Correa de Arauxo

    José E. Ayarra, órgano

    THE ORGANIST FRANCISCO CORREA DE ARAUXO Before the middle of the last century, when the versatile Hilarión Eslava in his Museo Orgánico Español detected "the stamp of originality" in the organist Francisco Correa de Arauxo, and described him js an "artistic genius", he had been forgotten since the last reference made to him in the first half of the 18th century by the maestro of the Real Capilla José de Tares. Since Eslava's reference, however, the work of the outstanding organ composer has come out of the shadows, and today Correa's work is considered among the m...+ info

  • I Concurso de

    Granada, 1922


    There can be no doubt that the Cante Jondo contest held in Granada during the Corpus celebrations on 13 and 14 June 1922 was an important milestone in the history of flamenco, although some scholars, looking back on it from our current perspective, question the timeliness of its celebration, the organisational model and its restrictive rules. It is true that almost a century later, and having witnessed the course that flamenco has taken over this long journey, some of the premises on which the contest was based could be considered exceedingly alarmist –especially that the purest forms of...+ info


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