María Esther Guzmán, guitarra

About the artist


María Esther comes from a long line of musicians on her mother’s side, the Guervós family, a surname going back to her great–grandparents, from the Netherlands, the first one of them come to Spain with Charles I’s Chapel of Music, giving rise to a musical tradition that has continued generation after generation, which extends to the present day.

Continuing the dynasty, María Esther, who was born in Seville, made her presentation in public at the age of four in the Lope de Vega Theatre, at eleven years old she won the first prize awarded by Spanish state radio and television (RTVE). At the age of twelve she played for the Maestro Andrés Segovia, who praised her playing and offered her advice. She studied at the Higher Conservatory of Music in Seville, under America Martinez, where she graduated in 1985, winning the Extraordinary Award. She perfected her musical education with A. Carlevaro, L. Brouwer, A. Diaz and D. Russell, among others. She has won 6 National and 13 International first Prizes. She was also awarded with “Young Andalusian Musician” Culture Prize in 1994. RITMO Prize, awarded by the magazine of the same name, for her recording of the works of Julian Arcas. In 1988 she was honoured by the JJ.MM of Seville for her “Silver Anniversary” in music. As a tireless traveller, her presence is requested by the most important stages in Europe, Asia, and America, where she takes master classes and performing both as a soloist and with orchestra, under the direction of teachers such as E.G. Asensio, L. Brouwer, C. Metters, O. Alonso, C. Florea, Pedro Halftter, Adrian Leaper. As well as her activity as a soloist, she regularly collaborates with many groups playing chamber music, and she forms a duet with flutist Luis Orden, and the guitarist Takeshi Tezuka. She has been annually touring and recording in Japan since 1988. She has recorded 21 CDs, 1 LP, 4 videos and 1 DVD. She has premiered pieces by Maestros M. Castillo, J. García Román , Joaquin Rodrigo, Tomas Marco, Carlos Cruz de Castro, Zulema de la Cruz and Javier Jacinto. She has been named Numerary Member by the Royal Academy of fine Arts of St. Isabel of Hungary in Seville. She is a teacher at the Special Music School in Seville.


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