Obras para Arpa


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Obras para Arpa
Cristina Montes, Arpa

Cristina Montes Mateo


Cristina Montes Mateo, Arpa


1-Más allá de la noche que me cubre… 5’06”

Laura Vega, 1978


2-Maktub II 4’40”

Mª José Arenas, 2011


3-Nieve sobre nieve 1’33”

Mercedes Zavala, 2005


4-Incesante nieve 2’34”

Mercedes Zavala


4-Luzeulo 6’37”

Rosa Mª Rodríguez Hernández


6-L´Orfeo.Zip 9’44”

Diana Pérez Custodio


7-Ser y Tiempo 5’54”

Consuelo Díez, 2011


8-Caminos rasgados 5’23”

Dolores Serrano Cueto, 2011


9-Siete piezas para Ángela 7’51”

Marisa Manchado, 2007


10-Fantasía 5’36”

Mª Luisa Ozaíta, 2011


11-Recuerdos 2’02”

Mª Luisa Ozaíta, 2011


12-Sobre el tapiz del arpa 6’59”

Iluminada Pérez Frutos, 2011


13-Brume Grisâtre 4’54”

Carme Fernández Vidal


Total: 69’40”






The Workshop for Women Composers is an initiative of the Department of Culture and Sport, in collaboration with the Composer’s Foundation of the Sociedad General de Autores y Editores, the main collecting society for songwriters, composers and music publishers in Spain, the University of Cádiz and the Center for Musical Documentation in Adalusia (Centro de Documentación Musical de Andalucía). Ever since it was first held in 2005 it has become a meeting point, a time for reflection and creation for Spanish women composers. There are seminars, meetings, discussion groups, publications about the aesthetic thought of these women as well as printed scores of their music, commissions and sound recordings. Its aim is to visualize and connect musical works by women.

On many occasions, women have been ignored in history; in music they are recognized as performers and teachers, but in the field of composition they have often been relegated to a secondary role. Fortunately, since the second half of the 20th century and the beginning of the 21st, this panorama has changed. If contemporary composers in general find it hard enough to promote their music, in the case of women composers these difficulties are even more pronounced. due to a number of different factors. That’s why we think it necessary at this point in time to help foster the works of women composers in a special way.

From the Junta de Andalucía we are proud to present this project for musical creation. The first time it took place we called it The Ladies’ Castle (Castillo de Damas). The idea first started in the First Workshop on: “Women and musical creation” which was held at the III Cadiz Festival of Spanish Music 2005 as a homage to Manuel Castillo. The second time, we devoted it to compositions for solo organ and voice and organ. The third workshop was for composition for flute and marimba (or percussion instruments), the fourth time we asked for works for mezzosoprano and trio, and the fifth time we asked for works for harp in which Cristina Montes Mateo gave a magnificent performance of works by Mª Luisa Ozaita (Baracaldo), Rosa Mª Rodríguez Hernández (Palma de Mallorca), Mª José Arenas (Isla Cristina), Carme Fernández Vidal (Palma de Mallorca), Diana Pérez Custodio (Algeciras), Marisa Manchado (Madrid), Iluminada Pérez Frutos (Gerona), Mercedes Zabala (Madrid), Dolores Serrano (Cádiz), Laura Vega (Las Palmas de Gran Canarias) and Consuelo Diez (Madrid). The Workshop for Women Composers is now seven years old. Seven years in which Andalusian composers have been able to meet up with other women from the rest of Spain as well as special guests artists and participants from Europe, Latin America and the Arab world. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who have taken part in this initiative for their magnificent work and for their having enriched our musical heritage.

Luciano Alonso

Department of Culture and Sports

Junta de Andalucía