Obras para Órgano y Canto


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Obras para Órgano y Canto
Taller de Mujeres Compositoras

Pilar Jurado, Canto
Susana García Lastra, Órgano

Obras para Órgano y Canto

"Taller de Mujeres Compositoras"


Pilar Jurado / Canto

Susana García Lastra / Organo


1- Sólo (2008) 6'31 (Pilar Jurado) Pilar Jurado / Susana García Lastra

2- Cantinela (2007) 4'08 (Ma Luisa Ozaita) Susana García Lastra

3- Fantasía para una gentildama (2008) 5'05 (Mercedes Zabala) Susana García Lastra

4- Lamentos de dolor (2009) 5'23 (Iluminada Pérez Frutos) Susana García Lastra

5- Epílogo (1989) 7'09 (Marisa Manchado) Susana García Lastra

6- SAD (2008) 4'54 (Consuelo Díez) Susana García Lastra

7- Gresol de vent (2008) 5'21 (Carme Fernández-Vidal) Susana García Lastra

8- Defórgano (2007) 4'46 (Dolores Serrano Cueto) Susana García Lastra

9- Antícomo (2008) 3'26 (Rosa Ma Rodríguez) Susana García Lastra

10- Contracanto 01 (2007) 3'09 (Diana Pérez Custodio) Pilar Jurado / Susana García Lastra




WOMEN COMPOSERS WORKSHOP is an initiative of the Spanish Music Festival of Cadiz, with the sponsorship of the Regional Ministry of Culture of the Government of Andalusia, the Andalusia Women’s Institute, University of Cadiz and the Musical Documentation Center of Andalusia. Since its first edition in 2005, it has become a meeting point for reflection and creation of Spanish women composers. Seminars, meetings, discussions, publications of aesthetic thought of the creators, editions of printed music and sound recordings are carried out. Its aim is to visualize and connect the musical creation of women.

The first joint project was Castle Ladies. The idea emerged from the first workshop: "Women and musical creation", held in the III Spanish Music Festival of Cadiz, in 2005. It tried to meet several objectives. First, to inform to students and society about the work of women composers; they know each other, and that they will interact with performers, associations, national and international organizations, meeting in Cadiz responsible for them. The workshop continued to offer two new benefits: the magazine Papers of Spanish Music Festival of Cadiz collects the articles and the vision of women composers who attend to the workshops and at the same time, various assignments are carried out. The Cordoba Orchestra premiered Castle Ladies - that I had the honor to dedicate it to me -. Ten composers wrote the pieces, which constitute the work "Introduction to the contemporary piano" of Manuel Castillo. Inmaculada Almendral del Río, María de Arco Rus, Teresa Catalán Sánchez, Pilar Jurado, Raquel Jurado Díaz, Elena Mendoza - López, María Luisa Ozaita Marqués, Diana Pérez Custodio, Iluminada Pérez Frutos and Dolores Serrano Cuetos were the creators. The work premiered alternating the odd numbers playing by piano of the work Introduction to the contemporary piano of Manuel Castillo, and replacing the even numbers by the orchestral compositions of each of the authors. The scores were published in Papers of Spanish Music Festival of Cadiz, Notebook n° 1, 2007: Castle Ladies, tribute to Manuel Castillo, Granada, 2007; and the CD Tribute to Manuel Castillo, Seville, 2007.

The second project is in their hands. It was to compose for Single Organ and Organ and voice. Premiere concerts were held in Cadiz, in the Baroque Organ of St. Lorenzo, which was restored by the Regional Ministry of Culture of the Government of Andalusia, and in Granada, in the Organ of the Collegiate church of The Savior, which was made by the organ building of Caja Granada, by the organ builder Francisco Alonso.

The interest to deepen in new languages and the expertise of the organist Susana García Lastra joined to the vocal and artistic qualities of the composer and performer Pilar Jurado, offer a great combination whose result is this sound recording. The works of Carme Fernández Vidal: Gresol de vent; Iluminada Pérez Frutos: Wail of pain; Dolores Serrano Cueto: Def Organ; Rosa Rodríguez: Antícomo; Mercedes Zavala: Fantasy for a gentle lady; Diana Pérez Custodio: Contracanto; Consuelo Díez: Sad; María Luisa Ozaita: Cantinela; Marisa Manchado: Epilogue; y Pilar Jurado: Single..., represent a challenge and a new look about the sound and aesthetic possibilities of the main instruments: the organ and the voice.

The third project was the compositions for flute and marimba, which will end soon, and the fourth project, the compositions for mezzo-soprano and string quarter on which they are working and that will premiere at the festival of Cadiz, 2010, in Granada y New York.

Reynaldo Fernández Manzano.

Manager of the Spanish Music Festival of Cadiz and the Musical Documentation Center of Andalusia