• Misa Puer Natus Est

    Francisco Guerrero

    Capilla Peñaflorida

    Conductor: Josep Cabré

    FRANCISCO GUERRERO 1528-1599   GUERRERO AND THE CULTURE OF SEVILLE   "No prince in the world has a city in which, in as small a space as that which runs from the Alcayzería to the Xeres gate (no more than 900 steps), there are to be found so many and such sumptuous buildings and other houses, where so much gold and silver is kept, and such high rents are charged, or that has as its citizens such rich and wealthy merchants, besides many other grand and excellent things , thus Alonso Morgado des­cribed, in 1587, the city of Seville. During the 16th Century, Seville...+ info

  • Manuel Blasco de Nebra

    Sonatas para Pianoforte

    Toni Millán, Piano

    ...+ info

  • Angel Barrios

    Obras para Piano - Canciones

    Esteban Sánchez
    Fernando Turina
    María José Montiel
    Miguel Laiz

    ANGEL BARRIOS (1882-1964) The music of Angel Barrios Fernández, born in Granada, arrives late to the public, but it comes genteel and fresh. His indolence, sloth and independence made him free from the bonds of profesionalism, being himself a whole musician with great inspiration. Angel Barrios was born at the very heart of the Alhambra. It was in 1882, when some artist of the Generation of the `98 were born. A year later was born Picasso. Some months later, Falla, and the same year Stravinsky. The guitar was long cultivated in his family. His father Antonio Barrios Tamayo, worshipp...+ info


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Almaviva aims to highlight the work
of such illustrious Andalusians as Manuel de Falla and Joaquín Turina.

Junta de Andalucía. Consejería de Cultura
Centro de Documentación Musical de Andalucía
Agencia Andaluza de Instituciones Culturales

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